Wages Are the GDP Rate of Return

Experience Understands .001Wages Are the GDP Rate of Return


How do low wages create the chaos in this world? How do low wages keep the industrial military complex flush with cash flow? Because of war and civil unrest!!!


I ask this today: If all businesses shut down, would the world still experience commerce? The answer is: Yes. Because people would still be trading and bartering amongst each other, thus energizing entrepreneurship.


If people totally stopped buying products, how long would Main Street Small Businesses and Corporate America be around? Contrary to the antiquated way of thinking, business first exploits people. However, business will never survive without people. People are the economy, contrary to the thinking of our politicians and education system.


Yes, there would be a lot of challenges without the conveniences of business. I now ask how long businesses would be around when people had no money or stopped spending money? Wages and business are each factored into the GDP to arrive at the percent. How does the GDP reflect the employment rate? A CEO’s wages and “perks” are factored into the final cost of a company’s products.


How do exorbitant CEO’s and management wages increase the cost of products people purchase? All wages offered to employees are also factored into a company’s final product value. Employees are consumers and wages are the job makers.


A twenty-million-dollar CEO salary equals 400 jobs; $50,000 per jobs and $50,000 is where workers put more money into the tax coffers than they take out. So a ten-million dollar CEO salary energizes 200 more jobs in a community at $50,000 per year.


I want to point out that if the right to work and low wages was the key, then how come all the “right to work” states have higher crime, a larger number of welfare recipients, and take more out of the tax coffers than they put in? Education can teach the obvious skills, and experience understands the little things that get it done in profitable ways. How are the hourly workers getting it done while management creates the problems of bankruptcy?


Because hourly wages are the rate of return of the GDP; all levels of profits of local economies to international communities. Today I hear from management that it is necessary to keep the workforce scared; theory being, that they will do anything to keep their job. That is true, yet what these types of people forget is that the worker is the necessity to help the company grow.


Why is management afraid to listen to experienced hourly workers? How do experienced hourly workers actually educate young college graduates? How do college graduates cost companies money until they get humbled by challenges as we all do? Profits occur from the “get it done” businesses that go broke because they blame the workers for management ineptness.


I ask all the leaders around the world. How are wages overlooked as part of the GDP? Because business profits are generated by people who have money to spend? Weekly wages are there, and are spent on products that boost the economy.


So I ask… How come college business schools teach selfish “it’s all about me” practices its students?


How has the world become “students of selfish poverty” rather than peace and prosperity? Because war is big money to arms dealers and silent partners in war. I now ask, who are the arms dealers of the world? Do you understand who they are? I open this up to people that deal in the oil industry and deal in unsavory countries, forcing their will on people for their cause. Who does this sound like?


I have worked in the oil industry and there is very little regard for life; it is all about money. How do corporations and CEO’s mirror the Czars of Russia and all other people that made money off human trafficking? How has the workplace today disregarded experience and adhered to education and computers?


How does management always, in all ways, blame labor for their ineptness? Workers have to listen and take orders from whoever the company puts in charge. How do the leaders/CEOs/management lack the fortitude to look in the mirror and say “I did it?” How are wages the rate of return energizing the GDP all the time?


As I ask… How do corporations, planning boards and government bureaucrats overlook the obvious? Wages actually are the GDP rate of return because all corporate profits stem from people buying their products with a high percentage of people being hourly workers.


Planning commissions are inept because they look at business and never the median wage required to expand the economy. Planning commissions talk but never go anywhere, and underachieve because planning looks at business and business only; because business people with a college education that look down upon the hourly worker compose the planning commission. Wages are the energy and liquid cash flow of the GDP.


Today people with low self-esteem and high egos are in control, all with a lack of “get it done” prowess. How have we been taught since the beginning of time that business has to cut costs and lower wages to be competitive, yet you never hear of CEO or management taking pay cuts? How has the world been ingrained by greed-ocracy?


As business schools teach education, education then lowers wages to keep a company and country strong. Yet, I look around the world to see everything is going up and people are struggling, mirroring every phase of history. As I now understand history repeats because history is ingrained in our DNA thinking; it is the only way people know how to live their lives.


Planning commissions are stuck in looking at the business in their community rather than looking around the world for upstart businesses that are looking to expand. The tighter a community holds to what they have, the quicker they become the “have nots” because every large business is always, in all ways, looking to expand and looking for the lowest educated workforce.


How has Corporate America become the nemesis of the United States rather than our ally to maintain a quality of life? As I watch the communities of today, they lower taxes for corporations who raise taxes on the hourly workers, then expect their tax coffers to be full. How are corporations holding countries and communities hostage through free trade, human trafficking, and greed to fill their pockets?


Every business has the right to make money…boatloads of it. I ask… When do corporations and businesses have to ante up to maintain the quality of life in the community in which they thrive? Wages and Benefits expand the wealth, increase savings, and keep communities on a path of prosperity.


I ask… With all the free trade agreements, lower wages increased and corporate profits hit an all-time high, so how come all people aren’t thriving?


People of the United States work longer hours, yet are experiencing a reduced quality of life. So I must ask all business leaders… How do business schools teach selfish poverty consciousness to their graduates? Because business schools forget to teach life is a “people” business and people are the energizers and enhancers of all businesses bottom lines.


Yet, the success of all businesses stem from the people that work for them. As I am listening to the people that have made companies “great,” they say at first they hired people with the “top of their class” pedigree, then as time passed they discovered some applicants lacked interviewing skills yet encompassed the guts to execute and carry out a plan of execution.


Now is the time for people to awaken their economic prowess to understand that PEOPLE have the power to make or break a company and the economy.


How can We the People educate businesses to the fact that we are in charge of the economy?


People…we never have to buy anything from a company that exploits their workers.


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