Union Wages and Hourly Wages Unite

My Project 3-001Union Wages & Hourly Wages Unite

    “ How are Union Wages, benefits and High Hourly Wages” the monetary stalwarts of a vibrant ever energized all ways expanding economy-allowing people to enjoy their desired quality of life.

  How are wages the overlooked as business profits and community wealth enhancement throughout the world?

 Union wages and hourly wages are weekly liquidity and economic synergy of the world’s economy. Which direction would the United States and world go with union wages and hourly entering the economy on a weekly basis? Up, down or into a depression, so how can all the business professionals, governments, budget directors, and planning commissions, overlook and never talk about wages as being the prime source of economic liquidity?

I recognize talking understanding and including the median wage to be part of the community’s core economic picture, all wages have to be computed in order to discover the median wage for the community. Then, that number must be computed into the economic equation to see whether that total will mirror all the data. Once the median wage is calculated and equated then all involved have to admit whether plan of executed action will attain their desired outcome. Wages are the world’s weekly to monthly microwavable drive pouring into the economy, enhancing profits for businesses and sustaining economic stability in the community.

So I ask I like you to remember a time when the economy was vibrant and expanding: what were the union wages and hourly wages doing at that time? Rising, staying the same or going down. What do you remember about that time in your own life? How did you feel about your life then; your family’s future and security?

I ask: how does the minimum wage debate keep all people from understanding a higher median wage will raise up all economies? Union wages and higher hourly wages are talked about negatively because the “powers that be” never want people to understand that union wages and higher hourly wages are the exact factors that offer a higher quality of living, keeping them off their controlling government doles. How do government assistant programs actually control the populace in a secretive way?

I now understand the economies of the world are manipulated and kept mundane to keep the war machines running at high-speed. Have you ever heard a politician, a Planning Commission or a budget director say, “This is the median wage required to attain our desired outcome?” Without people understanding the difference between median wage and minimum wage, manipulating the economy can and will continue without any questions being asked.

How do you feel planning commissions and governments always, and in all ways, fall short because the rhetoric never matches the outcomes you and I experience? I now understand that to execute a plan of prosperity all factors of the equation have to factored into the economic scenery, community landscapes, and the actual wages of the area, to ensure the desired outcome is attained and sustained. Lack of execution of their plans comes from the plans being incomplete without computing the median hourly wage.

How do you feel today? How are union and hourly wages the overlooked wealth prosperity and success of the United States and, in fact, the entire world? How are union wages, benefits, and high hourly wages in the United States and the world effecting the “Path of Prosperity” for humans and governments’ to pursue and ensure peace around the world? Poverty creates wars and discontentment all over the globe. Who makes big money from wars and discontentment? You and I both know the answer to this. But this question must be debated in order to solve the issue.

How does impoverished impishness create fear and anxiety, keeping people in-step with their supposed ineptness?

What is the median hourly wage that will erase the deficit? What is the median wage that will bring the quality of life that the unions and high hourly wages set forth in the 60’s and early 70’s? How has capitalism failed the people? Because capitalism forgot all the people who live and reside in the United States?

I now realize the reasons and excuses all planning commissions, government entities, and businesses use while struggling to attain their desired results is because they leave out the hourly wages in the process of planning. How has the world been poverty programed; caged in poverty consciousness?

Every time the economy is booming the first thing that arrives is inflation, inflation will be coming because of business education. So how are business college classes outdated by an underlying system of control?

The Depression Era has passed, yet the poverty of the 1930’s is still ingrained in our minds. How can prosperity escape us, yet poverty linger? Because the school system, media, and business colleges keep the rhetoric going – the speeches that go on and on. Talking about the lack of ‘everything’ and the ways wealthy people get away with staying wealthy and paying no taxes is a smoke and mirror tactic that keeps the rest of us embedded in that ‘poverty state of mind.’ Because nobody ever talks about how the hourly and union wages are part of the economy. Do you see how you allow the media to control your life without you knowing?

I now understand business programming: inflation fears, smearing the impoverish ilk all through society, and society listens because they went to business school. Note: These business college class curriculums are instituted by the same people that fund all wars, then write history books we all read, breeding poverty into our thinking.

How have you and I being taught to think that the ‘small live small’ then cower down to college educated bureaucrats? (I point out to you in the word bureaucrats lays the word rats.) Because as they plan and pass laws, and figure out profits, nobody stops and figures out the median wage required to attain the desired outcome.

Something I must expand upon is that all governments, most businesses, and planning commissions are short-sighted; they look only on the business side of things and end up falling short because today the hourly wages are stagnate, mirroring most small business profits.

Until the college business classes teach that hourly wages are the base of business profits, and factor into the equation union wages, benefit and hourly wages are enterprising vigor that workers put into the economy, the world will wail and fail in recessionary rancor.

We have put men on the moon, invented automobiles that can actually drive themselves, yet we still live in a world that lacks the economic savvy to realize there are more hourly workers than businesses and the hourly wages given to employees actually go into the profits of business as a whole.

So I ask: “What is the median wage that will raise the world into prosperity?”

Prosperity releases the poverty anguish that runs rampant through peoples’ minds, binding them to the business-first mentality that is sinking the world, causing the government debt with paper currency that no longer has value. The union wages and all other hourly wages are as intrinsically valuable as business profits. So I ask, “How do low wages keep small, medium, and Main Street, business profits so low that they actually risk shutting down on a daily basis? How can the United States reduce and exterminate the deficit without understanding that median hourly wages could kick-start and sustain economic expansion?”

How are hourly wages the weekly economic energy keeping the United States and the world businesses afloat? How are high wages and union wages the path out of these recessionary economies we live in today? Wages are weekly and bi-weekly energy that keep Main Street and small business afloat. Recessions are only fears of prosperity; scared that the hourly wage earners will have too much money and the ‘powers’ will lose their silent control.

Recessions keep people thinking of poverty, averting their willingness to execute and experience their sired desires. Recessions are set up by a silent society to gain control and manipulate the middle class by keeping a ‘cap’ on their earnings and stealing the wealth they could actually make right from the palms of their hands. People of today have to be taught peace, prosperity, how to relax and, perhaps most importantly, their own energy and creativity to earn more by realizing and escaping the manipulation.

How do you feel when understanding the world economy is a manipulation and controlling mechanism that takes wealth away from the middle class and all working classes around the world?

How have the politicians, planning commissions, and all budget directors forgotten that it takes everybody participating in the community to expand, energize, enterprise, and execute the plan for all in the community to experience the outcome equally. How have ‘We the People’ lost our sovereign sassiness?


To balance the Federal Budget and lower the deficit every year an hourly wage median has to be part of the equation.


How do high wages and full union employment energize budget surpluses like in the Clinton years? (Even though there were some undercurrents of shallowness in the ‘Dot-Com’ boom.)

The economy will forever improve as high wages and steady employment of the middle class becomes the norm – with wages being raised every year.

I guess it is hard for an ‘Elected Official’ to understand that in the daily non-political world people have to negotiate their wages; they just can’t vote on them every year and give themselves a pay raise…like our ‘Elected Officials’ do.

How do you feel about that? Because our ‘Elected Officials’ vote their own pay raises, they are clueless to the system of Collective Bargaining and workers getting raises by going in to the boss’s office and asking for more money. With Union Bashing and hourly wages being bantered about on the notion that they cost businesses money and high wages are inflationary, is the biggest fallacy coming out of business schools today.

People are being cloned and droned to follow whatever rhetoric comes out of the college business school. Corporations are businesses with CEO’s using the military to protect their projects in unfriendly lands. Wages are never talked about as part of lowering the deficit and cutting all types of taxes. Wages are never spoke about honestly – that they are instant tax money and weekly energies of good, hard-working people that boost the local economies.

How has the United States and the world been on the brink of recession every day causing people to live in desperation, without any faith or trust in those who are supposedly ‘in charge?” All planning commissions avoid including hourly wages and union wages in their plans? Why? Because these ‘powers’ focus on business and legislative structures without understanding that wages are a force of financial stability within the communities, and have been since the beginning of time. These planning commissions look at drawing business in and forget that it takes an hourly wage median to attain and sustain profits.

The wages paid out are in direct proportion to the profits they receive in. And until median wages are seen as part of the answer and not the problem, all the projections of the ‘powers that be’ will cause nothing but insulting results then they will blame the people and everything but their lack of understanding union wages, benefits and hourly wages.

How is yours and my divine right to be the teachers of union wages, benefits and hourly wages are thee monetary stalwarts of the United States and world economies?

May your life be blessed with bountiful bliss now and forever more thank you and I love you so together lets expand union wages benefits and hour wage wisdom through the world….

Thank You

With Unselfish Love Flowing From My Heart and a Beaming Sassy Smile From My Soul

Robert A. Wilson

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