Underlying Truth of Anti-Union Rhetoric

My Project 3-001


How is Anti-Union Rhetoric & Sentiment a Corporate Cover Up to Eliminate and Destroy Family Values, The Middle Class “Main Street” and Small Business?


            I “opened” this insight in my mind and became curious if all the union bashing is an underlying agenda occurring to eliminate the family, the middle class, small business, and “Main Street” businesses. As I see it, the world is rotating on eggshells with low wages keeping the world on the cusp of a recession, causing everybody to look for less than ethical schemes to make money; including increased drug and gang activity and settling for entitlements and handouts.


With the Internet and texting being the communication highway of today, I wonder how texting and emailing lessened peoples’ communication skills and abilities. How have gangs overtaken the family because gang members are looking for a place to belong, and the ability to take care of a family? As I listen and watch the anti-union slurs, I see people turning away and hiding the fact that they are “workers” in the world.


How has the anti-union rhetoric turned people away from realizing their talents to work for somebody with forthright attitude and honesty—which are assets in this world and hard to come by? How has the world turned away from the workers beginning with the wealth for the corporations, Main Streets and small business?


Wealth and success start with the production of anything and everything—production that specifically comes from the wages of the “workers of the world.”


I watch billionaires stand tall, yet they make their money from sweatshop labor. So how has the education system gone away from allowing workers to make a good living and feel respected? Workers are imprisoned people that can go home at night with a job, but the workers are being held hostage by corporation’s management in order to keep that job. In other words, they go home at night under the veil of an invisible threat hanging over their heads.


How has anti union sentiment also become anti-family. I ask: When is the last time legislation was passed that supports family values? As I listen to anti-union rhetoric today, I am amazed that is almost the exact same verbiage that was being expressed a century ago.


Today CEO’s, mid- to high-level managers, graduate from college and go straight into management without the understanding of the intricate operations that brings about the production of goods. As I now have grown in years, the big “in-your-face” operations are easier; however, the little subtle things workers do is never seen or acknowledged by the higher ups.


I asked the world: How is anti-union sentiment working behind the scenes producing anti-business and anti-growth, with corporate raiding of peoples’ community well-being? I opened up to this acumen. Anti-Union rhetoric allows the ‘powers-that-be’ to place burdens on the small business owners and Main Street business by putting peoples’ focus on unions, but what the unions are doing is controlled.


I asked this question: How is the anti-union rhetoric back-door, anti-middle class, anti-worker, against the non-union as well as low- to mid- managers? Just a century ago this country was in battle to end child labor and erase sweatshops, yet in 2015 we are fighting the same futile forces in free trade, undocumented workers, with American corporations running sweatshops overseas.


As politicians, corporations, and business, work to sell foreign products while the people they choose to overlook as employees go to war to save their turncoat assess, they seem able to treat the Mothers and Fathers out there like second-class citizens.


What has this country become? As I now hear the rhetoric smearing the unions I release this observation: All hourly wages are connected to the union wages and the people that are talking down the hourly workers, middle class and union workers, are people that work for the “establishment.” They look down on the United States Middle Class, completely ignoring them, while the politicians vote themselves pay raises without question or adversity. Or, what they should feel: guilt.


I entered into a new paradigm today as I heard the anti-union slurs through the worldwide media. I have thought the world was only anti-union, as I now understand the world speaks anti-union and the covering up of their anti-wage, anti-hourly worker, with non-union workers being silently involved in this hidden agenda and anti-middle class mindset. Unlocking this, people talk about the low wages, yet their paycheck comes from corporations.


So I ask this question: How are hourly wages the base of the economy when every millionaire and billionaire got their money from people seeing value in their products to enhance their own and others personal lives? Is this the way all millionaires and billionaires were created? I unlatched this new awareness.


How is the anti-union sentiment a silent slamming of the non-union sector, as well? Because saying unions are bad is actually cutting the pay for all.


I now admit lowering wages and benefits for union workers actually lower wages and benefits across the board, with non-union workers, as well. Main Street, Business and Corporate profits stem from hourly wages as much as anywhere else. I now desire to point out that when people stop buying products from a business, the business goes away. So to say the unions, union wages and union benefits are the challenge that is actually causing inflation mystifies me…because hourly wages are inflation.


So the cost of a product rises, but a CEO’s wages are exempt from inflation and the bottom line of a company or corporation’s product.


Quoting Bill Engvall: “Here’s your sign.”


As I now expand my internal fortitude to ascending attitude, the system today is anti-everything for people, and for the corporations’ fascist destruction of the world and planet. So, to all the Corporate Elitist’s I ask: How successful and profitable will your businesses be without people actually buying your products?


Today the world is so focused on profits they forget people are needed to buy the products to earn profits, so cutting the wages and benefits of bosses is necessary. When “We, the people” understand we are the bosses of our money, and stop feeding the corporate carnivores, we will open the door for better wages, better benefits, and an increased quality of life that will also us to expand in grandeur.


We must authorize and allow the United States our quality of life, to strive in affluence, without the corporate influence that whisked away the quality of life that people died for in the early 1900’s.


Henry Ford was one man who understood that paying his people enough money to buy his new cars and trucks was a necessity in order for him and his company to thrive. In 2015, we need more of Henry Ford for the U.S. workers to bring back their family values, and be able to support themselves as well as the businesses and corporations they work so hard for.

Robert A. Wilson

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