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I asked me How do I desire to expand energize enterprise execute and experience my pageantry of prosperity now and forever more?

I now boldly dare to dream feeling my ceremonies of clarity hearing my pageantry of prosperity watching my parading paradises fill…

My day to day escapades because I now feel see grasp touch understand smell taste hear listen to my as a vibration of celebration…

Now and forever I unstrap the crap to rap realize appreciate participate in my dreams sired desires and affluent outcomes…

By trusting maturing my moxie to never crawl in a arrogant haunt because I now understand arrogance creates my asshole hauteur…

To see every event in my life is/was moral maturity freaking the creep right out of me freed my frolicking fervency heats up my heart…

Inspirations ardors my soul aspirations and gut brilliance exciting my veins of visionary fame to facilitate artistic magnificence energizing…

Emotional epiphanies meandering from my ceremonies of clarity canonizing lurid animated reveries titivate yazzajazz panache…

Instantly spices my sassy sapience to piquantly paint my world with my dreams sired desires and experiencing my oceans of opulence…

As I ruthlessly admitted to me I was afraid to receive because I was told as a child don’t ask and don’t take anything offered and stained…

My brain with never ever ask or receive anything zinged me with wounding lie depriving me of freeing veracity of receiving and giving…

With same stately emotional oomph opening Omni miracles propelling harmonizing geysers of gifts to flow to me and from me…

As I am of magical miracles of my pageantry of prosperity feeling my wonderful magical extravaganzas are my stanzas of bonanzas of bliss…

As I now show you I am fruitfully blessed of receiving my copious cornucopia selflessly uninhibited and unreservedly in everyway…

As I am abounding of bountiful bliss of giving unselfishly uncensored and unconditionally grasping life is fair to me as I spin of winning…

Heart and soul wininity as I now feel my visions of receiving cognizing my desires of giving releasing all misgivings of receiving and giving…

Feeling amazing alive o now I receive and give with a thank you and I love you woo as I understand my inspiration of receiving ignite…

My aspirations of giving expands me into the ambition of deliveries for me spurs my philanthropy prowess wowing the world with gifts….

Because I now vigorously realize and awesomely admit I taught myself as child to never receive authorizes me to release and forever…

Be relieved of this discovered block so now I unlock my rivers of riches and oceans of opulence to watch my day to day exposés..

Of giving unselfish love to all people receiving unconditional love from all people mammoth money streams colossal wealth sumptuous…

Fountains of fun bountiful bliss because I now feel see hear listen taste touch see realize appreciate and participate in my life’s lavish luxury…

Thank You

With Unselfish Love Flowing From My Heart and a Beaming Sassy Smile From My Soul

Robert A. Wilson

Cowboy Wisdom

Hypnotherapy, Dare To Dream, EII Execute Inspirational Innovation, NLP, Introducing the world to a visionary vocabulary, NLI, Author and Radio Show Host Cowboy Wisdom Radio


Robert’s Author’s page

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