Honouring Labor Day

Fear is my friend expanding astute revelations...

Fear is my friend expanding astute revelations…

Honouring Labor Day

How is the world to business oriented with a lack of understanding life is a people business? How does business focus on money rather than a worldly quality of life that will forever expand business profits through high wages and peaceful employees? How are unions wealth in action stabilizing the economic landscape of the world? How is the cynicism that high wages and union wages are inflationary a supply sider lie and poverty propaganda of cronyism of corporate magpies sing to stifle the world economy and peoples lives?

How are the union cynics stifling the economic growth of the United States and the world? Union pessimists show their lack of abilities to energize the worldly economy by disrespecting people and understanding union workers and hourly workers pay their wages through taxes and daily purchases that are all business profits. I ask how are wages business profits the second the paycheck hits an employees hand?

Tomorrow do something without an hourly worker involved in some way. Union workers and hourly workers move the day-to-day economy of the world forward. Send all union workers lower to mid managers and all hourly workers home for 30 days what would happen to the economy and the day-to-day operations of the world? Dead Standstill I say… What do you say?

Where would economy be without the production of the union workers, hourly workers, managers and etc. that earn a well-deserved paycheck that flows around back to the company that writes them? IBEW Local 191 enriches the Washington State about $115 million dollars in revenue per year. Just to open your eyes to the economic prowess of the union wage and higher hourly wages.

How has the world leaders, business leaders and education system overlooked the simplicity of the economy by stressing business has to make money otherwise the world will go down the tubes? As the economist, business schools, politicians and Corporate Fascists win the booby prize for larcenist lies because life is a people business and people are to enjoy a quality of life.

As I ask… How is the mindset of business leaders, politicians and school systems the same today as it was 100 years ago? How are people today taught poverty war pillage plunder and famine just like before and since the beginning of time tying the mind into history or the tory of prosperity? How is the world living the definition of insanity today? Because the world is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. What an insult to all the leaders of the union movement and all the people of the world.

I asked myself this question… How is the world today looking for the leaders that began the union movement to expand the world today? As I look around all the people in leadership positions are blaming somebody else for the challenges the world faces today. So I ask where are the leaders of today? Because I don’t see any leaders on the worldly playground of prosperity today in anyway that has the ability to lead with all peoples dynamic good in their heart and soul.

As I now admit the leader in my life is the savvy me as look into my mirror of sagacious seer to see me at the helm of my life to strive and arrive of my desired outcomes. So I ask all the people of the world… Who is the leader of your life extravaganza? I see the world today is baited in wait looking for the leaders to arrive to take people to the Promised Land as the life landscapes is a rubber band of bland that surrounds people keeping them fenced in by their fears.

How can you tell the fear level of a leader by the way they blame others for their actions? How do leaders push responsibility and spew their shameful fears by blaming others? How do you do that? How does fear run your life? Because people look at other people in their level of fear and communicate on their levels of fear mirroring our ancestors like or dislike it that is the ruthless truth.

I ask you the entire world and me… How have we forgot the true wisdom of Labor Day and the honouring of all the people that began the unions? I ask myself this question daily. How are the union members today to apathetic and disrespectful of being a union Sister and Brother? I now recognize unions are more required to be part of the worldly landscape mirroring their beginning.

The world and I ask… Where is the union leadership in all this mess? I see the union leadership as afraid to say what the people are asking and the people see very little response from the unions. So I ask… How is the union leadership and all leadership in the world afraid to say I don’t know the way forward. I now understand gallant leadership begins with listened emotional acumen dawning everyday realisms seeing hegemonic innovative prowess awise from all people in the world now and forever.

How do unions membership mirror the union leadership? Unions are the stable force in the United States Economy contrary to what all the union cynics or haters are saying. Take the union wages out of the worldly and United States economy where would the economy go straight down. Look at the world since unions have been weakened.

How has weakening the unions lessened the United States Prosperity and Military Prowess in the world? As I now understand and admit country with massive deficit and lessened the tyrants of the worldview manufacturing base as weak and vulnerable. How has the world become to medicated on education and computerized to understand everyday experience still understands the challenges better than machines.

How has computers, cell phones, and technology weakened the trusting of peoples individual abilities? Today the world spins of the whims of computers and college education so I ask How is the world doing now advancing or declining?

September 7, 2015 Labor Day I say thank you and I love you to all the brave Brothers and Sisters that started the unions, retirees and Brothers and Sisters that have crossed the river to illuminate the heavenly skies. As I now realize unions began because of unsavory working conditions to child labor and today the working conditions are receding and human trafficking is on the rise.

I am curious do you feel Corporate America and all the politicians believe the spewing pooh they speak. As I now tell the world union wages and high wages are the base of the economy, weekly liquidity of spending money maintaining a vibrant economy, and weekly wages expand into small business, Main Street and Corporate Profits.

When economists, politicians, and media people say hourly wages and union wages are inflationary yet management wages are excluded from this burping BS. So I ask… Unless an hourly worker earns close to $50,000 per year they worker takes more from the tax coffers than they put in the tax coffers. So I ask… How do the outrageous CEO pay cause inflation? How much the CEO and Management Pay raise add to the final cost of a product?

As I pay attention the landscape the corporations say there are no qualified help yet they take people that speak English and have the money to train them and discard the citizens of the United States. I am very curious if Corporate America, the media and all the politicians know where their untruthful rhetoric starts and a smidgen of truth begins.

As all the free trade agreements in reality are legislation for campaign contributions as I now politicians are courtesans for the K Street (Lobbyists) and Corporate America as politicians take the taxpayer money in wages. Now my gut asked… How are free trade agreements the end of sovereign industrialized countries? SHAFTA {NAFTA} Gotcha [Gatt] and all trade agreements were supposed to raise all economies yet they sunk the worldly economy into financial funk.

As wages are stagnate to shrinking, working people are losing benefits with government taxing benefits and countries are running deficits, people are fleeing poverty ridden countries to Industrialized Countries and the rapping crap of the politicians from the politicians was it will raise the economies leveling the playing field but they forgot their campaign contributors want to lower the quality of live for all countries. How is corporate greed today the same as the greed of all Monarchies, Landowners and Czars?

I have a question to you…. If you worked for an employer the way politicians work for the American Taxpayer how long would you stay employed? Then, Do you feel you would be black listed unable to get work very easy? I now understand vibrant ever expanding economies are energized by Union wages and high hourly wages.

As I now look around the world with all the wars and human trafficking I ask with all the advancements in medicine and technology the day to day life mirrors the beginning of times, Roman Times and etc. with male egotistical war conquers all squalls of there is never enough for all which is the secret society lies that never die and history books business schools and media speak.

As I now realize wannabe leaders that keep the unsavory alive have magpies to spread their lies. Because the truth is sovereign and stands-alone kicking out the cronyism out because truth is stands alone cast in stone.

As I walk of wisdom beaming the honour of who I am shows the world I am free and history is forever tied to the sly capers of secret society. As I now realize business schools teach high tech business with absolute disrespect of the workers and people of a country. As I see today Corporations want cheap labor and daughters and sons of the United States populace to protect their corporate fascists ways…

While corporations are culprits of human trafficking at its finest while the United States Military Stands on walls all over the world fighting the tyranny of this types of leaders. I asked myself today… Where would all the union haters of today that are in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s be today without the union movement? As look around as see their people scamming to be President by wanting people to work 7 days a week. How does that type of thinking show disrespect for free time and quality of life for the people he wants to represent?

As I now opened this new wisdom all the union haters and 7 day a week people are scared they may have to spend time with themselves and that scares the hell out of them. How would you like to spend a weekend with a union and labor cynics? I asked me today…

How does corporate fascism mirror the Czars and the land barons of history? I unlocked this candid candor today is the same as yesterday in the business world trying to suppress the their workers and paying for legislation that allows them do what they please. As asked myself today… How do the halls of Congress, State Capitals and all branches of Government mirror a Nevada Brothel?

As I audacious look the smoke and mirrors of what is happening in the world today I see the world has expanded of technology with same disrespect for high hourly wages and unions. As I opened my eyes this morning realizing the leaders of the world mirror the land barons of history forever more.

As I thank and love the people that stood up and began the Unions for all the union members and non-union people because the unions raise all people lives.

Thank You

Robert A. Wilson

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