Heartbreak to an Asskisser

Heartbreak to an Asskisser

The Heartbreak to an asskisser as the asskisser spends the day kissing managements ass thinking they are part of the brass so asskisser…

Never cares whose ass they kiss all they want is to feel the power of being boss so lost in the fumes of methane gas that loose track of…

Who they are looking for the crack of their boss’s ass to stick head up so far they use their boss’s ass as the asskisser sees their way…

Through their bosses plexiglass stomach liner just to see telling the world the fallacy fables of being an asskisser because an asskisser…

Firmly plants their lips on the boss’s butt because that is what asskisser does is kiss ass to be part be part of the brass never…

Afraid of the fart just want to be seen as one of the brass as the company leaves town leaving the asskisser sitting in the hall with…

All the people they screwed over never thinking they would see the hall again begins the begging for forgiveness yet they are seeking…

Another boss’s ass to kiss thinking they are getting ahead yet deep they know they are doing the flash dance of face lap dance just…

To part of the brass thinking they are classy grasping an asskisser is pissing in the pants because deep they are shaking in their boots and…

Crapping their pants of can’t panting over who is sitting there is a better hand than them hoping they are the best asskisser in hall…

As the asskisser sits in the hall biting their lip with frown drowning in sorrow because now they are have to start over and as they walk…

On the job the person in charge is the same person they screwed over on the last job so the asskisser sobs leaving the job trailer feeling…

Frail because there was nothing inhale so the asskisser was told ever so boldly to bail without getting a chance to prance their asskissing…

Skill to the boss because the person charge remembers them in shitty dimwitted way the asskisser treated their new boss on the last job…

As the person in charge recalls the bellowing BS the asskisser said and did pulled the lid off the smoldering sassy situation leads to smile…

Of gut gallantry to beam brightly from the man in charge that instantly sends the asskisser away feeling dismay as the asskisser feels…

Their despair because life is fair what goes around comes around because those screw someone over first in the get it the worst…

So all asskissers beware karma bits an asskisser where they firmly plant their lips of dipshit just because the asskisser was unfair…

On the last job and the asskisser was a silly SOB thinking they had a job forever forgetting nothing lasts forever…

Leaves the asskissing stooge realizing they lost their new job because asskisser frightfully scared there is a better asskisser on the job…

As the asskisser hid their chiding deviance behind a know it all arrogance covering up lack of ability as the asskisser is…

Just waiting to suck the crap out of another boss’s corn because an asskisser is forever looking over their shoulder to see who is…

Watching because asskissers lips are forever blistered with red-hot sap of crap that burnt the lips of dipshit just to keep a job…

As the contractor learns an asskisser slacker full of fake and bake quackery because an asskisser is forever…

In fear smearing their selfish scared-de cat ways through their life because an asskisser is forever full of crap feeling their blithering…

Blather all lathered of looking for wimpapathy because the asskisser got back the same flacking crap they dished out in doubt…

Because and asskisser lives in doubt pouting internally feeling forever wanting to be of power sensing their selfishness keeps the stuck…

In living the definition of insanity an asskisser keeps doing what is always does yet expecting different results sensing the internal…

Insults will cartwheel away as soon as the asskisser looks in the mirror admits to themselves their blemishes of their low self-esteem…

Wages Are the GDP Rate of Return

Experience Understands .001Wages Are the GDP Rate of Return


How do low wages create the chaos in this world? How do low wages keep the industrial military complex flush with cash flow? Because of war and civil unrest!!!


I ask this today: If all businesses shut down, would the world still experience commerce? The answer is: Yes. Because people would still be trading and bartering amongst each other, thus energizing entrepreneurship.


If people totally stopped buying products, how long would Main Street Small Businesses and Corporate America be around? Contrary to the antiquated way of thinking, business first exploits people. However, business will never survive without people. People are the economy, contrary to the thinking of our politicians and education system.


Yes, there would be a lot of challenges without the conveniences of business. I now ask how long businesses would be around when people had no money or stopped spending money? Wages and business are each factored into the GDP to arrive at the percent. How does the GDP reflect the employment rate? A CEO’s wages and “perks” are factored into the final cost of a company’s products.


How do exorbitant CEO’s and management wages increase the cost of products people purchase? All wages offered to employees are also factored into a company’s final product value. Employees are consumers and wages are the job makers.


A twenty-million-dollar CEO salary equals 400 jobs; $50,000 per jobs and $50,000 is where workers put more money into the tax coffers than they take out. So a ten-million dollar CEO salary energizes 200 more jobs in a community at $50,000 per year.


I want to point out that if the right to work and low wages was the key, then how come all the “right to work” states have higher crime, a larger number of welfare recipients, and take more out of the tax coffers than they put in? Education can teach the obvious skills, and experience understands the little things that get it done in profitable ways. How are the hourly workers getting it done while management creates the problems of bankruptcy?


Because hourly wages are the rate of return of the GDP; all levels of profits of local economies to international communities. Today I hear from management that it is necessary to keep the workforce scared; theory being, that they will do anything to keep their job. That is true, yet what these types of people forget is that the worker is the necessity to help the company grow.


Why is management afraid to listen to experienced hourly workers? How do experienced hourly workers actually educate young college graduates? How do college graduates cost companies money until they get humbled by challenges as we all do? Profits occur from the “get it done” businesses that go broke because they blame the workers for management ineptness.


I ask all the leaders around the world. How are wages overlooked as part of the GDP? Because business profits are generated by people who have money to spend? Weekly wages are there, and are spent on products that boost the economy.


So I ask… How come college business schools teach selfish “it’s all about me” practices its students?


How has the world become “students of selfish poverty” rather than peace and prosperity? Because war is big money to arms dealers and silent partners in war. I now ask, who are the arms dealers of the world? Do you understand who they are? I open this up to people that deal in the oil industry and deal in unsavory countries, forcing their will on people for their cause. Who does this sound like?


I have worked in the oil industry and there is very little regard for life; it is all about money. How do corporations and CEO’s mirror the Czars of Russia and all other people that made money off human trafficking? How has the workplace today disregarded experience and adhered to education and computers?


How does management always, in all ways, blame labor for their ineptness? Workers have to listen and take orders from whoever the company puts in charge. How do the leaders/CEOs/management lack the fortitude to look in the mirror and say “I did it?” How are wages the rate of return energizing the GDP all the time?


As I ask… How do corporations, planning boards and government bureaucrats overlook the obvious? Wages actually are the GDP rate of return because all corporate profits stem from people buying their products with a high percentage of people being hourly workers.


Planning commissions are inept because they look at business and never the median wage required to expand the economy. Planning commissions talk but never go anywhere, and underachieve because planning looks at business and business only; because business people with a college education that look down upon the hourly worker compose the planning commission. Wages are the energy and liquid cash flow of the GDP.


Today people with low self-esteem and high egos are in control, all with a lack of “get it done” prowess. How have we been taught since the beginning of time that business has to cut costs and lower wages to be competitive, yet you never hear of CEO or management taking pay cuts? How has the world been ingrained by greed-ocracy?


As business schools teach education, education then lowers wages to keep a company and country strong. Yet, I look around the world to see everything is going up and people are struggling, mirroring every phase of history. As I now understand history repeats because history is ingrained in our DNA thinking; it is the only way people know how to live their lives.


Planning commissions are stuck in looking at the business in their community rather than looking around the world for upstart businesses that are looking to expand. The tighter a community holds to what they have, the quicker they become the “have nots” because every large business is always, in all ways, looking to expand and looking for the lowest educated workforce.


How has Corporate America become the nemesis of the United States rather than our ally to maintain a quality of life? As I watch the communities of today, they lower taxes for corporations who raise taxes on the hourly workers, then expect their tax coffers to be full. How are corporations holding countries and communities hostage through free trade, human trafficking, and greed to fill their pockets?


Every business has the right to make money…boatloads of it. I ask… When do corporations and businesses have to ante up to maintain the quality of life in the community in which they thrive? Wages and Benefits expand the wealth, increase savings, and keep communities on a path of prosperity.


I ask… With all the free trade agreements, lower wages increased and corporate profits hit an all-time high, so how come all people aren’t thriving?


People of the United States work longer hours, yet are experiencing a reduced quality of life. So I must ask all business leaders… How do business schools teach selfish poverty consciousness to their graduates? Because business schools forget to teach life is a “people” business and people are the energizers and enhancers of all businesses bottom lines.


Yet, the success of all businesses stem from the people that work for them. As I am listening to the people that have made companies “great,” they say at first they hired people with the “top of their class” pedigree, then as time passed they discovered some applicants lacked interviewing skills yet encompassed the guts to execute and carry out a plan of execution.


Now is the time for people to awaken their economic prowess to understand that PEOPLE have the power to make or break a company and the economy.


How can We the People educate businesses to the fact that we are in charge of the economy?


People…we never have to buy anything from a company that exploits their workers.


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letting go of history .001

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Honouring Labor Day

Fear is my friend expanding astute revelations...

Fear is my friend expanding astute revelations…

Honouring Labor Day

How is the world to business oriented with a lack of understanding life is a people business? How does business focus on money rather than a worldly quality of life that will forever expand business profits through high wages and peaceful employees? How are unions wealth in action stabilizing the economic landscape of the world? How is the cynicism that high wages and union wages are inflationary a supply sider lie and poverty propaganda of cronyism of corporate magpies sing to stifle the world economy and peoples lives?

How are the union cynics stifling the economic growth of the United States and the world? Union pessimists show their lack of abilities to energize the worldly economy by disrespecting people and understanding union workers and hourly workers pay their wages through taxes and daily purchases that are all business profits. I ask how are wages business profits the second the paycheck hits an employees hand?

Tomorrow do something without an hourly worker involved in some way. Union workers and hourly workers move the day-to-day economy of the world forward. Send all union workers lower to mid managers and all hourly workers home for 30 days what would happen to the economy and the day-to-day operations of the world? Dead Standstill I say… What do you say?

Where would economy be without the production of the union workers, hourly workers, managers and etc. that earn a well-deserved paycheck that flows around back to the company that writes them? IBEW Local 191 enriches the Washington State about $115 million dollars in revenue per year. Just to open your eyes to the economic prowess of the union wage and higher hourly wages.

How has the world leaders, business leaders and education system overlooked the simplicity of the economy by stressing business has to make money otherwise the world will go down the tubes? As the economist, business schools, politicians and Corporate Fascists win the booby prize for larcenist lies because life is a people business and people are to enjoy a quality of life.

As I ask… How is the mindset of business leaders, politicians and school systems the same today as it was 100 years ago? How are people today taught poverty war pillage plunder and famine just like before and since the beginning of time tying the mind into history or the tory of prosperity? How is the world living the definition of insanity today? Because the world is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. What an insult to all the leaders of the union movement and all the people of the world.

I asked myself this question… How is the world today looking for the leaders that began the union movement to expand the world today? As I look around all the people in leadership positions are blaming somebody else for the challenges the world faces today. So I ask where are the leaders of today? Because I don’t see any leaders on the worldly playground of prosperity today in anyway that has the ability to lead with all peoples dynamic good in their heart and soul.

As I now admit the leader in my life is the savvy me as look into my mirror of sagacious seer to see me at the helm of my life to strive and arrive of my desired outcomes. So I ask all the people of the world… Who is the leader of your life extravaganza? I see the world today is baited in wait looking for the leaders to arrive to take people to the Promised Land as the life landscapes is a rubber band of bland that surrounds people keeping them fenced in by their fears.

How can you tell the fear level of a leader by the way they blame others for their actions? How do leaders push responsibility and spew their shameful fears by blaming others? How do you do that? How does fear run your life? Because people look at other people in their level of fear and communicate on their levels of fear mirroring our ancestors like or dislike it that is the ruthless truth.

I ask you the entire world and me… How have we forgot the true wisdom of Labor Day and the honouring of all the people that began the unions? I ask myself this question daily. How are the union members today to apathetic and disrespectful of being a union Sister and Brother? I now recognize unions are more required to be part of the worldly landscape mirroring their beginning.

The world and I ask… Where is the union leadership in all this mess? I see the union leadership as afraid to say what the people are asking and the people see very little response from the unions. So I ask… How is the union leadership and all leadership in the world afraid to say I don’t know the way forward. I now understand gallant leadership begins with listened emotional acumen dawning everyday realisms seeing hegemonic innovative prowess awise from all people in the world now and forever.

How do unions membership mirror the union leadership? Unions are the stable force in the United States Economy contrary to what all the union cynics or haters are saying. Take the union wages out of the worldly and United States economy where would the economy go straight down. Look at the world since unions have been weakened.

How has weakening the unions lessened the United States Prosperity and Military Prowess in the world? As I now understand and admit country with massive deficit and lessened the tyrants of the worldview manufacturing base as weak and vulnerable. How has the world become to medicated on education and computerized to understand everyday experience still understands the challenges better than machines.

How has computers, cell phones, and technology weakened the trusting of peoples individual abilities? Today the world spins of the whims of computers and college education so I ask How is the world doing now advancing or declining?

September 7, 2015 Labor Day I say thank you and I love you to all the brave Brothers and Sisters that started the unions, retirees and Brothers and Sisters that have crossed the river to illuminate the heavenly skies. As I now realize unions began because of unsavory working conditions to child labor and today the working conditions are receding and human trafficking is on the rise.

I am curious do you feel Corporate America and all the politicians believe the spewing pooh they speak. As I now tell the world union wages and high wages are the base of the economy, weekly liquidity of spending money maintaining a vibrant economy, and weekly wages expand into small business, Main Street and Corporate Profits.

When economists, politicians, and media people say hourly wages and union wages are inflationary yet management wages are excluded from this burping BS. So I ask… Unless an hourly worker earns close to $50,000 per year they worker takes more from the tax coffers than they put in the tax coffers. So I ask… How do the outrageous CEO pay cause inflation? How much the CEO and Management Pay raise add to the final cost of a product?

As I pay attention the landscape the corporations say there are no qualified help yet they take people that speak English and have the money to train them and discard the citizens of the United States. I am very curious if Corporate America, the media and all the politicians know where their untruthful rhetoric starts and a smidgen of truth begins.

As all the free trade agreements in reality are legislation for campaign contributions as I now politicians are courtesans for the K Street (Lobbyists) and Corporate America as politicians take the taxpayer money in wages. Now my gut asked… How are free trade agreements the end of sovereign industrialized countries? SHAFTA {NAFTA} Gotcha [Gatt] and all trade agreements were supposed to raise all economies yet they sunk the worldly economy into financial funk.

As wages are stagnate to shrinking, working people are losing benefits with government taxing benefits and countries are running deficits, people are fleeing poverty ridden countries to Industrialized Countries and the rapping crap of the politicians from the politicians was it will raise the economies leveling the playing field but they forgot their campaign contributors want to lower the quality of live for all countries. How is corporate greed today the same as the greed of all Monarchies, Landowners and Czars?

I have a question to you…. If you worked for an employer the way politicians work for the American Taxpayer how long would you stay employed? Then, Do you feel you would be black listed unable to get work very easy? I now understand vibrant ever expanding economies are energized by Union wages and high hourly wages.

As I now look around the world with all the wars and human trafficking I ask with all the advancements in medicine and technology the day to day life mirrors the beginning of times, Roman Times and etc. with male egotistical war conquers all squalls of there is never enough for all which is the secret society lies that never die and history books business schools and media speak.

As I now realize wannabe leaders that keep the unsavory alive have magpies to spread their lies. Because the truth is sovereign and stands-alone kicking out the cronyism out because truth is stands alone cast in stone.

As I walk of wisdom beaming the honour of who I am shows the world I am free and history is forever tied to the sly capers of secret society. As I now realize business schools teach high tech business with absolute disrespect of the workers and people of a country. As I see today Corporations want cheap labor and daughters and sons of the United States populace to protect their corporate fascists ways…

While corporations are culprits of human trafficking at its finest while the United States Military Stands on walls all over the world fighting the tyranny of this types of leaders. I asked myself today… Where would all the union haters of today that are in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s be today without the union movement? As look around as see their people scamming to be President by wanting people to work 7 days a week. How does that type of thinking show disrespect for free time and quality of life for the people he wants to represent?

As I now opened this new wisdom all the union haters and 7 day a week people are scared they may have to spend time with themselves and that scares the hell out of them. How would you like to spend a weekend with a union and labor cynics? I asked me today…

How does corporate fascism mirror the Czars and the land barons of history? I unlocked this candid candor today is the same as yesterday in the business world trying to suppress the their workers and paying for legislation that allows them do what they please. As asked myself today… How do the halls of Congress, State Capitals and all branches of Government mirror a Nevada Brothel?

As I audacious look the smoke and mirrors of what is happening in the world today I see the world has expanded of technology with same disrespect for high hourly wages and unions. As I opened my eyes this morning realizing the leaders of the world mirror the land barons of history forever more.

As I thank and love the people that stood up and began the Unions for all the union members and non-union people because the unions raise all people lives.

Thank You

Robert A. Wilson

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Union Wages and Hourly Wages Unite

My Project 3-001Union Wages & Hourly Wages Unite

    “ How are Union Wages, benefits and High Hourly Wages” the monetary stalwarts of a vibrant ever energized all ways expanding economy-allowing people to enjoy their desired quality of life.

  How are wages the overlooked as business profits and community wealth enhancement throughout the world?

 Union wages and hourly wages are weekly liquidity and economic synergy of the world’s economy. Which direction would the United States and world go with union wages and hourly entering the economy on a weekly basis? Up, down or into a depression, so how can all the business professionals, governments, budget directors, and planning commissions, overlook and never talk about wages as being the prime source of economic liquidity?

I recognize talking understanding and including the median wage to be part of the community’s core economic picture, all wages have to be computed in order to discover the median wage for the community. Then, that number must be computed into the economic equation to see whether that total will mirror all the data. Once the median wage is calculated and equated then all involved have to admit whether plan of executed action will attain their desired outcome. Wages are the world’s weekly to monthly microwavable drive pouring into the economy, enhancing profits for businesses and sustaining economic stability in the community.

So I ask I like you to remember a time when the economy was vibrant and expanding: what were the union wages and hourly wages doing at that time? Rising, staying the same or going down. What do you remember about that time in your own life? How did you feel about your life then; your family’s future and security?

I ask: how does the minimum wage debate keep all people from understanding a higher median wage will raise up all economies? Union wages and higher hourly wages are talked about negatively because the “powers that be” never want people to understand that union wages and higher hourly wages are the exact factors that offer a higher quality of living, keeping them off their controlling government doles. How do government assistant programs actually control the populace in a secretive way?

I now understand the economies of the world are manipulated and kept mundane to keep the war machines running at high-speed. Have you ever heard a politician, a Planning Commission or a budget director say, “This is the median wage required to attain our desired outcome?” Without people understanding the difference between median wage and minimum wage, manipulating the economy can and will continue without any questions being asked.

How do you feel planning commissions and governments always, and in all ways, fall short because the rhetoric never matches the outcomes you and I experience? I now understand that to execute a plan of prosperity all factors of the equation have to factored into the economic scenery, community landscapes, and the actual wages of the area, to ensure the desired outcome is attained and sustained. Lack of execution of their plans comes from the plans being incomplete without computing the median hourly wage.

How do you feel today? How are union and hourly wages the overlooked wealth prosperity and success of the United States and, in fact, the entire world? How are union wages, benefits, and high hourly wages in the United States and the world effecting the “Path of Prosperity” for humans and governments’ to pursue and ensure peace around the world? Poverty creates wars and discontentment all over the globe. Who makes big money from wars and discontentment? You and I both know the answer to this. But this question must be debated in order to solve the issue.

How does impoverished impishness create fear and anxiety, keeping people in-step with their supposed ineptness?

What is the median hourly wage that will erase the deficit? What is the median wage that will bring the quality of life that the unions and high hourly wages set forth in the 60’s and early 70’s? How has capitalism failed the people? Because capitalism forgot all the people who live and reside in the United States?

I now realize the reasons and excuses all planning commissions, government entities, and businesses use while struggling to attain their desired results is because they leave out the hourly wages in the process of planning. How has the world been poverty programed; caged in poverty consciousness?

Every time the economy is booming the first thing that arrives is inflation, inflation will be coming because of business education. So how are business college classes outdated by an underlying system of control?

The Depression Era has passed, yet the poverty of the 1930’s is still ingrained in our minds. How can prosperity escape us, yet poverty linger? Because the school system, media, and business colleges keep the rhetoric going – the speeches that go on and on. Talking about the lack of ‘everything’ and the ways wealthy people get away with staying wealthy and paying no taxes is a smoke and mirror tactic that keeps the rest of us embedded in that ‘poverty state of mind.’ Because nobody ever talks about how the hourly and union wages are part of the economy. Do you see how you allow the media to control your life without you knowing?

I now understand business programming: inflation fears, smearing the impoverish ilk all through society, and society listens because they went to business school. Note: These business college class curriculums are instituted by the same people that fund all wars, then write history books we all read, breeding poverty into our thinking.

How have you and I being taught to think that the ‘small live small’ then cower down to college educated bureaucrats? (I point out to you in the word bureaucrats lays the word rats.) Because as they plan and pass laws, and figure out profits, nobody stops and figures out the median wage required to attain the desired outcome.

Something I must expand upon is that all governments, most businesses, and planning commissions are short-sighted; they look only on the business side of things and end up falling short because today the hourly wages are stagnate, mirroring most small business profits.

Until the college business classes teach that hourly wages are the base of business profits, and factor into the equation union wages, benefit and hourly wages are enterprising vigor that workers put into the economy, the world will wail and fail in recessionary rancor.

We have put men on the moon, invented automobiles that can actually drive themselves, yet we still live in a world that lacks the economic savvy to realize there are more hourly workers than businesses and the hourly wages given to employees actually go into the profits of business as a whole.

So I ask: “What is the median wage that will raise the world into prosperity?”

Prosperity releases the poverty anguish that runs rampant through peoples’ minds, binding them to the business-first mentality that is sinking the world, causing the government debt with paper currency that no longer has value. The union wages and all other hourly wages are as intrinsically valuable as business profits. So I ask, “How do low wages keep small, medium, and Main Street, business profits so low that they actually risk shutting down on a daily basis? How can the United States reduce and exterminate the deficit without understanding that median hourly wages could kick-start and sustain economic expansion?”

How are hourly wages the weekly economic energy keeping the United States and the world businesses afloat? How are high wages and union wages the path out of these recessionary economies we live in today? Wages are weekly and bi-weekly energy that keep Main Street and small business afloat. Recessions are only fears of prosperity; scared that the hourly wage earners will have too much money and the ‘powers’ will lose their silent control.

Recessions keep people thinking of poverty, averting their willingness to execute and experience their sired desires. Recessions are set up by a silent society to gain control and manipulate the middle class by keeping a ‘cap’ on their earnings and stealing the wealth they could actually make right from the palms of their hands. People of today have to be taught peace, prosperity, how to relax and, perhaps most importantly, their own energy and creativity to earn more by realizing and escaping the manipulation.

How do you feel when understanding the world economy is a manipulation and controlling mechanism that takes wealth away from the middle class and all working classes around the world?

How have the politicians, planning commissions, and all budget directors forgotten that it takes everybody participating in the community to expand, energize, enterprise, and execute the plan for all in the community to experience the outcome equally. How have ‘We the People’ lost our sovereign sassiness?


To balance the Federal Budget and lower the deficit every year an hourly wage median has to be part of the equation.


How do high wages and full union employment energize budget surpluses like in the Clinton years? (Even though there were some undercurrents of shallowness in the ‘Dot-Com’ boom.)

The economy will forever improve as high wages and steady employment of the middle class becomes the norm – with wages being raised every year.

I guess it is hard for an ‘Elected Official’ to understand that in the daily non-political world people have to negotiate their wages; they just can’t vote on them every year and give themselves a pay raise…like our ‘Elected Officials’ do.

How do you feel about that? Because our ‘Elected Officials’ vote their own pay raises, they are clueless to the system of Collective Bargaining and workers getting raises by going in to the boss’s office and asking for more money. With Union Bashing and hourly wages being bantered about on the notion that they cost businesses money and high wages are inflationary, is the biggest fallacy coming out of business schools today.

People are being cloned and droned to follow whatever rhetoric comes out of the college business school. Corporations are businesses with CEO’s using the military to protect their projects in unfriendly lands. Wages are never talked about as part of lowering the deficit and cutting all types of taxes. Wages are never spoke about honestly – that they are instant tax money and weekly energies of good, hard-working people that boost the local economies.

How has the United States and the world been on the brink of recession every day causing people to live in desperation, without any faith or trust in those who are supposedly ‘in charge?” All planning commissions avoid including hourly wages and union wages in their plans? Why? Because these ‘powers’ focus on business and legislative structures without understanding that wages are a force of financial stability within the communities, and have been since the beginning of time. These planning commissions look at drawing business in and forget that it takes an hourly wage median to attain and sustain profits.

The wages paid out are in direct proportion to the profits they receive in. And until median wages are seen as part of the answer and not the problem, all the projections of the ‘powers that be’ will cause nothing but insulting results then they will blame the people and everything but their lack of understanding union wages, benefits and hourly wages.

How is yours and my divine right to be the teachers of union wages, benefits and hourly wages are thee monetary stalwarts of the United States and world economies?

May your life be blessed with bountiful bliss now and forever more thank you and I love you so together lets expand union wages benefits and hour wage wisdom through the world….

Thank You

With Unselfish Love Flowing From My Heart and a Beaming Sassy Smile From My Soul

Robert A. Wilson

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Pageantry of Prosperity

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Inspirations ardors my soul aspirations and gut brilliance exciting my veins of visionary fame to facilitate artistic magnificence energizing…

Emotional epiphanies meandering from my ceremonies of clarity canonizing lurid animated reveries titivate yazzajazz panache…

Instantly spices my sassy sapience to piquantly paint my world with my dreams sired desires and experiencing my oceans of opulence…

As I ruthlessly admitted to me I was afraid to receive because I was told as a child don’t ask and don’t take anything offered and stained…

My brain with never ever ask or receive anything zinged me with wounding lie depriving me of freeing veracity of receiving and giving…

With same stately emotional oomph opening Omni miracles propelling harmonizing geysers of gifts to flow to me and from me…

As I am of magical miracles of my pageantry of prosperity feeling my wonderful magical extravaganzas are my stanzas of bonanzas of bliss…

As I now show you I am fruitfully blessed of receiving my copious cornucopia selflessly uninhibited and unreservedly in everyway…

As I am abounding of bountiful bliss of giving unselfishly uncensored and unconditionally grasping life is fair to me as I spin of winning…

Heart and soul wininity as I now feel my visions of receiving cognizing my desires of giving releasing all misgivings of receiving and giving…

Feeling amazing alive o now I receive and give with a thank you and I love you woo as I understand my inspiration of receiving ignite…

My aspirations of giving expands me into the ambition of deliveries for me spurs my philanthropy prowess wowing the world with gifts….

Because I now vigorously realize and awesomely admit I taught myself as child to never receive authorizes me to release and forever…

Be relieved of this discovered block so now I unlock my rivers of riches and oceans of opulence to watch my day to day exposés..

Of giving unselfish love to all people receiving unconditional love from all people mammoth money streams colossal wealth sumptuous…

Fountains of fun bountiful bliss because I now feel see hear listen taste touch see realize appreciate and participate in my life’s lavish luxury…

Thank You

With Unselfish Love Flowing From My Heart and a Beaming Sassy Smile From My Soul

Robert A. Wilson

Cowboy Wisdom

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World Waltzes of Wealth

FullPrevLabelImgWorld Waltzes of Wealth

Cowboy Wisdom/ Robert A. Wilson

Hypnotherapy, Dream Sculptor, NLP, Introducing the world to a visionary vocabulary, NLI, Author and Radio Show Host Cowboy Wisdom Radio

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I now understand the world waltzes of wealth unleashes winning omnific revolutionary lionhearted daringism opening my far-seeing…

Wisdom energizing lionizing luminary trendsetting hegemony undoes my steaming geysers of intuitive ingenuity feistily feeling…

My erupting enterprising entrepreneurial guts to gallantly unbridle my trailblazing savvy understands life is trails of heart inspirations…

Electrifying soul aspirations to let go of sweating the small stuff expanding into intrepidly innovating my venturous curiosity…

To experience my incredible quixotic intoxication of understanding what is unrealistic to my limiting beliefs failed faithfulness and…

Thieving believing excites my knighted warrior to ask what am I scared of about experiencing my dreams as I now realize asking…

What am I scared of? Cuts cleanly through the cantankerous crap of rapping the same old song of gong that stops my in tracks…

Muttering melancholy grumpiness that just shuts me down on the inside as I chronically chide myself internally causing me to walk…

Away from my dreams in dismay because I was afraid of my internal ridicule as I herd the slurry of discouraging mumble jumble come…

From the mouths of other people who have never ever got off the couch of grouchiness speaking my pouting palaver with my pouty lip…

Sticking out so far a bird flying over left me a present leaving a shitty taste in my mouth because I slouched and crouched living life…

As a grouch pouncing on anything and everything to bitch about with lathering blather icky-I-zing stress confessing to anybody that would…

Looked like they would listen because blistered my insides with pestering scarcity was instantly unclogged allowing my rainbow glow…

Shine my extravagant elegance dancing I’m troublemaker for god-sakes energizing my farsighted frisky risk-taking rancher resolve hearing my heart inspirations trusting my souls aspirations…

To ultimately understand the world waltzes of wealth because until now I was overwhelmed with doubt clouding my insides with chiding…

Blather because I now grasp I was and still am innocent of everything because I now understand I was looking at me with guilty eyes…

Creating unrealized shyness to engulf me in slippery slope of partaking the fake and bake of life stressing out when things go awry then…

I speak spitefully to myself thru a mind of mean ingrained nagging delusions because all negativity is a self-taught as I bought into…

My self-taught and societal system of disarray thinking life is perfect and when things go awry realizing I’m the culprit writing checks…

I will never cash because I bashed my life and other peoples lives through my poverty mind binding in my distrust that stemmed from…

My newly discovered habitual haunts that taunting me internally as I ruthless admit to me all people and the world I did these things…

Five failures of life:

  • Never having the gall to dream…
  • Never starting to experience dreams…
  • Being jealous envious and ridiculing those who are appreciating and participating of being of their dreams…
  • Quitting before I experienced my dreams letting my hidden haunter be naughty to me was my thinking patterns…
  • Writing the word “you” in my daily journaling and life…

I write all personal expansion in first person because “whose you?”

Thank You

With Unselfish Love Flowing From My Heart and a Beaming Sassy Smile From My Soul

Robert A. Wilson

Cowboy Wisdom

Hypnotherapy, Dream Sculptor, NLP, Introducing the world to a visionary vocabulary, NLI, Author and Radio Show Host Cowboy Wisdom Radio

Website: www.cowboy-wisdom.com,

Robert’s Author’s page www.amazon.com/author/robertawilson

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IBEW Local 191 Electrical Union Wage Raise

My Project 3-001IBEW Local 191 Electrical Union Wage Raise

IBEW stands for International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers


I ask you to open your financial prowess letting go of worn out beliefs about high wages and unions to expand your wisdom about high wages, unions, the impact of union wages and higher wages strengthen wealth in all facets of your community?


While you read this article read with an open heart Please and Thank you. So I ask all people… How are hourly wages and union wages the base of the economy to enhance Main Street, Small Businesses and Corporate America profit margins?


I understand the reply; for the world economy.

“What are your feelings about this question?”


So I ask… How do you and the world encompass old worn out beliefs low wages create prosperity for all and as long as business are making money all is good? How are you and world swirl in cheap is better and lower is the way to go? How has this mindset kept the world in a economic manipulation since the beginning of time till present day? How is that thinking a fallacy that got the world into the current economic situation? So I ask the world now…


How will rising wages lift the world into prosperity and offer that steady economy people can trust? People think businesses and corporations making huge profits make the economy stronger, yet people overlook the fact corporations and businesses accumulate wealth from hourly workers and union wages.


On June 1st, 2015, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 191 and NECA Contractors, negotiated a $.94 hourly raise for Island, San Juan, Skagit, Snohomish and Whatcom counties; and $1.04 for Douglas, Chelan, Grant and Okanogan counties adding communal wealth to these counties and Washington State.


Local 191 has about 1450 Union Electricians in Local 191 spread throughout these counties. That actual median of $0.94 and $1.04 is $0.99 or 99 cents. Thus, for illustration purposes, I will use a $0.99 an hour raise to show you the actual effects of the raise.


$0.99 per hour x 1450 Journeyman Electricians active members in IBEW Local = $1,435.50 per hour of new revenue spread throughout Island, San Juan, Skagit, Snohomish and Whatcom, Douglas, Chelan, Grant and Okanogan Counties, as well as Washington State.


The facts are these:

$1,435.50 per hour new revenue x 40-hour workweek (50 weeks a year) = 2,000 workable hours per year.

2,000 work hours per year x $1,435.50 hourly income from the raise = $2,871,000 of new taxable and spendable income on IBEW Local 191 $0.99 per hour raise that is liquid in all the counties June 1st, 2015 to May 31st, 2016 listed above, and Washington State.


Dividing $2,871,000 by 12 months, from June 1st, 2105 to May 31st, 2016, = $239,250 new monthly revenues for Island, San Juan, Skagit, Snohomish & Whatcom, Douglas, Chelan, Grant and Okanogan Counties in IBEW Local 191 jurisdiction and the State of Washington, coming just from the raise hike of $1 per hour on June 1st 2015.

To enlighten you further on the total revenue Local 191 puts into Island, San Juan, Skagit, Snohomish, Whatcom Douglas, Chelan, Grant and Okanogan counties, and Washington State. Island, San Juan, Skagit, Snohomish and Whatcom Local 191 Union Electricians earn $41.15; and $38.15 is earned in Douglas, Chelan, Grant and Okanogan counties with approximately 1,450 191 members.


The median wage between $41.15 (Westside) and $38.15= $79.30, Therefore $79.30 divided by 2 = $39.65 (Eastside). So for illustration purposes only, these are the estimates: Median is $39.65 for illustration purposes and these are illustrations only.


$39.65X 1450 members in IBEW 191 Union Electricians = $57,492.50 per hour of revenue put from IBEW Local 191 members.

$57,492.50 X 2000 work hours per year = $114,98,000 of taxable spendable and savable income put forth into Island, San Juan, Skagit, Snohomish, Whatcom Douglas, Chelan, Grant and Okanogan counties, and Washington State from IBEW Local 191.


Therefore, Local 191 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers introduces $114,985,000 ($9,582,083.333 new monthly revenues) of savable spendable income and taxable income to Island, San Juan, Skagit, Snohomish, Whatcom, Douglas, Chelan, Grant and Okanogan counties and Washington State, between June 1st,2015 and May 31st 2016.


As I expand your money wisdom. A dollar circulates 6 to 25 times, therefore the total economic impact of Local 191 wages into the economy is as follows:


6 x $114,985,000 = $689,910,000

25 x $114,985,000 = $2,874,625,000


So the impact of IBEW Local 191 wage may range from $689,910,00 to $2,874,625,000 therefore I ask all business owners in Island, San Juan, Skagit, Snohomish, Whatcom Douglas, Chelan, Grant and Okanogan counties, and Washington State. How do you feel about unions and union wages now? As you can see from above, Local 191 has a bountiful impact on the economy in Washington State.


So…how does alienating unions actually lessen Washington State tax revenue and lessen your business profits? Simple. Because Non-Union Electrical Contractors charge about the same as Union Contractors then pay less and most are without benefits.


How do people without health insurance benefits take economic prowess away from communities and shrink all businesses bottom lines? Are you against unions and hourly workers making as much as the market will bear? Where did your dislike for unions come from? Have you ever been in a union? Are you going by what somebody told you or actual experience? If actual experience, then I understand.


However, Hearsay is not the truth. Has somebody ever told you something you thought was an “absolute” for years only to then find out is was a fabrication? How did you feel? So do you feel you could have poor quality information about unions? Look at when unions were strong and the vibrant economy surrounding you and your family. Now look at the economy with free trade undocumented workers, sweatshops and child labor. How do you feel about the economy now?


I ask all of you: Do you know non-union contractors charge within dollars of union contractors, yet pay out less to their hard-working employees without benefits? How do companies that pay no benefits actually put communities in a financial stand still? The union and union people invest in the communities they are involved in through many types of investments.


How are you and the world closed minded about high wages, unions and union wages without realizing it? How is being closed minded to high wages and unions actually part of financial struggles you and the world face today? How does poverty cause wars?


Do you want to make as much money as you can? If you answer, yes, then how come you don’t feel that way about union people and others having the ability to make as much as they can? How is selfishness, greed, and the need to control others caustically causing economic challenges in the world? I desire to make as much per hour as I can as a Union Electrician.


Now I ask, look around your area, to see all the lights that are on, fire alarm systems that keep you safe, and all the stop lights making your commute better. So I ask can you install them hook them up and make them work? Union electricians can. Do you know all electricians have to take continuing education classes to keep their licenses current? So tomorrow I ask you to do something without electricity? Just to see…if you can do it.


I ask you: Have unions caused companies to go to the government for bailouts or does bad management cause corporations to fly straight to D.C. in their corporate jets begging for bailouts? How does blaming labor for everything keep business cycles and outcome the same?


Blaming labor has been around since the beginning of time, so how do poor CEO’s, managers and other corporate overseers, keep having the same outcomes with different people? This is the problem the business world never faces up to. Workers can only do what their bosses tell them to; good, bad, or indifferent.


How are low wages the creators of poverty causing higher deficits and cultural unrest?

I now ask all businesses owners of the world: Would you rather have a person walk into your store making $41.15/$38.15 per hour or $25 per hour? It is a truth that union wages and benefits stabilize communities, expand economic growth, and enhance YOUR business profits.


I now understand low wages keep the world swirling on the border line of a downturn in the economy to keep it controlled. But NOW is the time for unions to stand tall, telling the world and all the naysayers that unions stabilize and expand Main Street and all business profits, alleviating poverty and enterprising prosperity in every union community.


Ask yourself… If lower wages was the way to go, wouldn’t all third world countries be economic powerhouses by now? How come “right to work” states take more tax money than they put into the tax coffers?


Now is the time to expand our wisdom, energize our entrepreneurial talents, to enterprise our lives into wealth and success, see, and appreciate the truth high wages are the path to peace and prosperity allowing people to participate in their dreams in bold new way.


How do the media pundits and politicians blame labor and wages for their poor quality decisions?


I ask… How can labor be blamed for anything as they make now political or management decision, as the politicians blame labor and wages for everything then the politician votes him/herself a pay raise every year?



So I ask… How are you and the world stuck in manipulation that low wages are a good idea? As I ask… How are low wages the reason that keeps businesses having to cut back and run on skeleton crews with little to no profit margins? How are high wages energizes higher profit margins and the path to full employment around the world with people enjoying more prosperity allowing people to enjoy a life free of fear?


How are high wages the path for less stress and more vacation time for people to relax?

I ask… How are union wages and high wages are the economical base and wealth innovation of all economies?


I thank all the readers took time to read this article.


As a member of IBEW Local 191 I thank NECA for their negotiating in good faith with Local 191 negotiation committee.


Thank You.

Robert A. Wilson

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Underlying Truth of Anti-Union Rhetoric

My Project 3-001


How is Anti-Union Rhetoric & Sentiment a Corporate Cover Up to Eliminate and Destroy Family Values, The Middle Class “Main Street” and Small Business?


            I “opened” this insight in my mind and became curious if all the union bashing is an underlying agenda occurring to eliminate the family, the middle class, small business, and “Main Street” businesses. As I see it, the world is rotating on eggshells with low wages keeping the world on the cusp of a recession, causing everybody to look for less than ethical schemes to make money; including increased drug and gang activity and settling for entitlements and handouts.


With the Internet and texting being the communication highway of today, I wonder how texting and emailing lessened peoples’ communication skills and abilities. How have gangs overtaken the family because gang members are looking for a place to belong, and the ability to take care of a family? As I listen and watch the anti-union slurs, I see people turning away and hiding the fact that they are “workers” in the world.


How has the anti-union rhetoric turned people away from realizing their talents to work for somebody with forthright attitude and honesty—which are assets in this world and hard to come by? How has the world turned away from the workers beginning with the wealth for the corporations, Main Streets and small business?


Wealth and success start with the production of anything and everything—production that specifically comes from the wages of the “workers of the world.”


I watch billionaires stand tall, yet they make their money from sweatshop labor. So how has the education system gone away from allowing workers to make a good living and feel respected? Workers are imprisoned people that can go home at night with a job, but the workers are being held hostage by corporation’s management in order to keep that job. In other words, they go home at night under the veil of an invisible threat hanging over their heads.


How has anti union sentiment also become anti-family. I ask: When is the last time legislation was passed that supports family values? As I listen to anti-union rhetoric today, I am amazed that is almost the exact same verbiage that was being expressed a century ago.


Today CEO’s, mid- to high-level managers, graduate from college and go straight into management without the understanding of the intricate operations that brings about the production of goods. As I now have grown in years, the big “in-your-face” operations are easier; however, the little subtle things workers do is never seen or acknowledged by the higher ups.


I asked the world: How is anti-union sentiment working behind the scenes producing anti-business and anti-growth, with corporate raiding of peoples’ community well-being? I opened up to this acumen. Anti-Union rhetoric allows the ‘powers-that-be’ to place burdens on the small business owners and Main Street business by putting peoples’ focus on unions, but what the unions are doing is controlled.


I asked this question: How is the anti-union rhetoric back-door, anti-middle class, anti-worker, against the non-union as well as low- to mid- managers? Just a century ago this country was in battle to end child labor and erase sweatshops, yet in 2015 we are fighting the same futile forces in free trade, undocumented workers, with American corporations running sweatshops overseas.


As politicians, corporations, and business, work to sell foreign products while the people they choose to overlook as employees go to war to save their turncoat assess, they seem able to treat the Mothers and Fathers out there like second-class citizens.


What has this country become? As I now hear the rhetoric smearing the unions I release this observation: All hourly wages are connected to the union wages and the people that are talking down the hourly workers, middle class and union workers, are people that work for the “establishment.” They look down on the United States Middle Class, completely ignoring them, while the politicians vote themselves pay raises without question or adversity. Or, what they should feel: guilt.


I entered into a new paradigm today as I heard the anti-union slurs through the worldwide media. I have thought the world was only anti-union, as I now understand the world speaks anti-union and the covering up of their anti-wage, anti-hourly worker, with non-union workers being silently involved in this hidden agenda and anti-middle class mindset. Unlocking this, people talk about the low wages, yet their paycheck comes from corporations.


So I ask this question: How are hourly wages the base of the economy when every millionaire and billionaire got their money from people seeing value in their products to enhance their own and others personal lives? Is this the way all millionaires and billionaires were created? I unlatched this new awareness.


How is the anti-union sentiment a silent slamming of the non-union sector, as well? Because saying unions are bad is actually cutting the pay for all.


I now admit lowering wages and benefits for union workers actually lower wages and benefits across the board, with non-union workers, as well. Main Street, Business and Corporate profits stem from hourly wages as much as anywhere else. I now desire to point out that when people stop buying products from a business, the business goes away. So to say the unions, union wages and union benefits are the challenge that is actually causing inflation mystifies me…because hourly wages are inflation.


So the cost of a product rises, but a CEO’s wages are exempt from inflation and the bottom line of a company or corporation’s product.


Quoting Bill Engvall: “Here’s your sign.”


As I now expand my internal fortitude to ascending attitude, the system today is anti-everything for people, and for the corporations’ fascist destruction of the world and planet. So, to all the Corporate Elitist’s I ask: How successful and profitable will your businesses be without people actually buying your products?


Today the world is so focused on profits they forget people are needed to buy the products to earn profits, so cutting the wages and benefits of bosses is necessary. When “We, the people” understand we are the bosses of our money, and stop feeding the corporate carnivores, we will open the door for better wages, better benefits, and an increased quality of life that will also us to expand in grandeur.


We must authorize and allow the United States our quality of life, to strive in affluence, without the corporate influence that whisked away the quality of life that people died for in the early 1900’s.


Henry Ford was one man who understood that paying his people enough money to buy his new cars and trucks was a necessity in order for him and his company to thrive. In 2015, we need more of Henry Ford for the U.S. workers to bring back their family values, and be able to support themselves as well as the businesses and corporations they work so hard for.

Robert A. Wilson

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